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Apple (80,000 employees) is 20,000 Employees short of Microsoft’s count (100,000+), and though it seems like Microsoft has more breadth, I don’t know that things like the Xbox team and System Center teams aren’t balanced by the army of non-engineering employees Apple has manning the retail stores (that being just one example).

So yeah, I would tend to go one step further and say Microsoft does invest more resources in its developer tools and particularly the Azure platform. Microsoft has historically dumped untold sums of money into “the web”; throwing everything they can at the wall hoping something sticks, and I think they finally found a niche to exploit with Azure. Their engineering talent pool, combined with the desire for everything to be connected all the time, has allowed them to move rapidly into a space with A) Growth Potential, and B) a set of problems they are uniquely suited to solve. Amazon laid a lot of the groundwork for web services to come along and compete with, but I think as Azure continues to build steam, we are going to see them surpass Amazon.

Urgent security update


Bad news: A major vulnerability has been disclosed for the technology that powers encryption across the majority of the internet. That includes Tumblr. Our team took immediate action to fix the issue, but you should still take some time to change your password, not only here but on any other sites you visit. 

You should also strongly consider enabling two-factor authentication. It’ll go a long way to ensure that no one besides you can access your account. Thanks, and take care.

Second the 2FA.


Persistent Cat Demands Attention While Human Plays Guitar Shredding Solo

This is why I can’t work from home. Well, the reasons are similar at least…

Joining the Tumblr iOS Team



I’m happy to announce that in roughly two weeks, I’ll be joining bryan, mb, and devindoty in building Tumblr for iOS.



A $15/hour minimum won’t result in major job losses because it would put money in the pockets of millions of low-wage workers who will spend it — thereby giving working families and the overall economy a boost, and creating jobs. (When I was Labor Secretary in 1996 and we raised the minimum wage, business predicted millions of job losses; in fact, we had more job gains over the next four years than in any comparable period in American history.)

Link Government often has 10 agencies doing one job


A new government report on duplication and fragmentation in federal programs can read like a book of “screw-in-a-light-bulb” jokes.

It takes 10 different offices at the Department of Health and Human Services to run programs addressing AIDS in minority communities. Autism research is spread out over 11 different agencies. Eight agencies at the Defense Department are looking for prisoners of war and missing in action. And Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado has eight different satellite control centers to control 10 satellite programs.

The report, by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office, identifies 26 new areas where federal government programs are fragmented, duplicative, overlapping or just inefficient. Add that to the 162 areas identified in past reports, and Congress has a road map for saving tens of billions of dollars a year.

But it’s more important that we propose 300 bills repealing Obamacare and banning gay marriage. And bitching about the deficit…wait…what was that last one again?

Apr 9


Xbox One’s first ID@Xbox indie, Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, is out now.

Wow…this looks absolutely amazing…if only I had an XB1 :( Perhaps this fall…

Apr 9


Apr 9

Unfortunately, still not the ones they’re looking for.



Unfortunately, still not the ones they’re looking for.