Mar 6

Link Liveblogging The Letdown


John Gruber on the anticipated letdown reaction from some following tomorrow’s new iPad announcements:

But if a faster processor, more RAM, a double-the-resolution retina display, a better camera, and maybe even LTE networking make for a “modest” update, then what would it take for the iPad 3 to be deemed an immodest update? A fusion energy source? Teleportation? A camera that sees into the future?

Nothing has actually been announced yet and it’s already starting. I’ve actually heard this letdown sentiment several times today. Again, from people who haven’t actually seen the product yet and actually don’t even know for sure what’s coming.

I mean seriously, if all of the rumored new features are true, this is going to be a major upgrade. And the actual sales figures will reflect that, even if some of the stories tomorrow don’t. 

Many folks seem oddly tied to form factor when it comes to upgrades. The iPhone 4S was a “disappointment” to some because it looked like the iPhone 4. I suspect the new iPad will get the some of the same reaction since it will look like the previous iPad.

My prediction: those left underwhelmed will have one thing in common. They’ll be idiots

Also, the AP story Gruber links to happens to have the most dickishly intrusive ads ever. 

Apple’s hype machine and trove of secrets always seems to work against them in the tech press, but the general public seems to not give a single damn. I just wish the clamoring for ad revenue wasn’t such that every idiot with an AdWords page wants to write something about how shitty the [NextBigAppleProduct] is going to be. Its not going to be everything to everybody. And guess what? **That’s OK**.