Link Eek! Data Consumption costs moneys?!

In a stunning display of headline exploitation and playing upon the ignorance of the masses, the Wall Street Journal lobs a sure-to-grab-attention headline on top of a bullshit user profile.

That said, it does speak volumes about how, in this era of high-def content and streaming video, any per-unit costs of data consumption are going to be have to be measured in gigabytes, and priced much more reasonably than the current rates. $10/GB for overage is ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as AT&T’s already inflated pricing scheme

If I could pay a service fee for data, say $10/month per device, then buy throughput in GB Chunks, say $3-5/GB, pooled across all my devices, AT&T would get their fair share (they are at least going to get $13-15/month for a gig of data), they get to charge heavy users more, but it comes off as an actual business model instead of the customer rape so many of their other polices appear to be.