Facebook email

BBC Reports

When was the last time anybody was happy about a change Facebook made?

When has that lack of happiness ever actually caused the world to explode?

When has that lack of happiness ever actually affected Facebook at large?

Why is this always such a BFD?

Why are there titles like “interactive marketing analyst” and why does it matter to the public or the investment community what they think over the opinions of, you know, real industry people?

1) This isn’t new. The Facebook email stuff has been around for a while now. That some people ignored it and were blindsided by this isn’t news. People have been stupid for a long time now, and as long as we have a Republican majority and an inept Democratic party, not much is going to get done to change that.

2) This is nothing like Buzz, it more closely resembles the more recent kerfuffle with Google+’s integration into the search engine. Anthony Mullen is a dumbass, unless he was misquoted, but given his title and where he works, I’m sure he’s earned a Dumbass title or two anyway.

3) Nobody is locking you into anything. WTFH is wrong with people? Unless you’re a moron, the only people who can see your email, either the Facebook or your real one, are people you defined as having permissions based on your privacy settings. If you are a moron, congratulations, Facebook just saved you by presenting a sanitized email address to the world at large.

4) Facebook doesn’t have to ask you for permission. Perhaps you should go read the Terms of Service again. While you are at it, go double check that your most recent payment to Facebook went through. Oh, right, its a free fucking service. You agreed to provide Facebook with your data. They agreed to let you share pictures of your cat and updates on your latest bowel movement with whatever circle of friends you can manage to scratch up. The method by which they uphold their end of the bargin is completely up to them. If you don’t like, go start your own clone. Ask Google for information on how to do that. I hear if they try one more time they get a set of steak knives.

5) Facebook really sucks at marketing this stuff. They need to take a leaf out of Apple’s page and hold “Events”. Make a big stink about them. Announce the new “features” with pizazz. Don’t make excuses, don’t try to justify the changes, just stand up and say “We’re doing this, here is why we think its a good idea, and the NMDs/tech media at large can go rot slowly in hell for being a bunch of link-baiting, ad-driven assholes posing as real journalists.” They can leave out the last bit, but I highly recommend leaving it in.