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The good news is that Microsoft understands how people work better than anyone else on the planet.


Quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve read this year.

Oct 1

Link Sean Woodhouse: Lifting the lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker - Itty Bitty Labs

This is one of my biggest peeves with iOS 7, but not one that has bugged me to the point of remembering to bitch about it. Practically the only place I use a Picker on a regular basis is in Calendar, but holy hell is it ever annoying to fight with in that context.

Sean’s probably right, in that it won’t be changing anytime soon, but I do hope a point release at some point will at least change the hitboxes for the scrolling tumblers.

Stephen Hackett: The Past 100 Days

This is just fucking creepy. Cool, but creepy.

Not that it should overshadow the point Stephen makes, which is that Apple’s development groups aren’t the only ones who has been busting their asses to make iOS 7 a substantial platform change. Almost every significant application from every significant player (and even a plethora of insignificant ones) have already jumped into the new design language with both feet and had apps available on day one that seamlessly (in some cases shamelessly) integrated into the new experience.

Link Death to textures: iOS 6 and iOS 7 compared in pictures | Ars Technica

A great visual breakdown of some of the changes.

For example, you no longer have to burrow into infinitely nested Settings screens to adjust your control panels. Now you can just speak what you want, using Siri: “Open Wi-Fi settings,” for example, or “Open brightness settings.

Pogue on iOS 7 (via daringfireball

Damn, how did I miss that in all the beta testing?!

Link Why the iPhone's fingerprint sensor is better than the ones on older laptops

I was skeptical of the idea of a fingerprint sensor, even one done by Apple, due to my experiences with past technology and how horrible the previous generations were.

I am still skeptical of the sensor in this one, but less so knowing that its based on a new generation of technology, particularly given how this new technology purportedly works.

The false positives (and false negatives) should be a lot more manageable with these new sensors, but I worry that Apple is going to have trouble managing expectations with this one; nothing can be 100% when it comes to biometrics, but that’s exactly what users are going to expect, especially of Apple. Anything less than perfect success rates are going to piss more than a few people off, and those people are going to bitch incessantly, despite their misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the technology.

Sep 6

Link · Fingerprints

Corporate security

Most corporate networks are protected by VPN. The profiles that enable this network configuration often specify that a user must use a passcode lock. And it’s rarely a simple passcode. And it kicks in immediately.

Imagine needing to type in a eight character password with letters and numerals just to check the current weather. That’s a reality for millions of people who use their device for both personal and business tasks.

A fingerprint scanner that avoids this complex password will sell a lot of devices.

Count me as one of these users. I would pay more than the going price for an iPhone to never have to type a passcode again.

Link Use Find My Friends To Help Your Mom Worry Less

My mom is the same way, but this serves another use for me: telling my wife when i leave work. Due to our disparate schedules, we like to let the other know when we’re leaving our respective offices. That iOS lets me automate this, and set a geofence surrounding the entire town, so she doesn’t get a notification whenever I leave work to go to lunch, saves me just a little time each day and keeps me from forgetting to do it. That’s a touch that’ll be hard to let go of if it ever changes or is removed.

Jul 9
While the too-thin font was far from the only design flaw in iOS 7, I’d say it was the biggest. Just as the new APIs in iOS 7 were clearly the result of Apple listening to all of us, we now have a sign that they’re listening on the design front as well.


I am digging beta 3. It could just be me finally acclimating to the new stuff, but I would rather believe it has more to do with all the minor changes that were made to start nailing in the details. As Marco points out, the font was the most obvious, but the stream of other improvements is very welcome, and I hope they keep up the regular beta release cycle until GM.

Mac Pro Announcement + One Week

I already shared my thoughts on last week’s Mac Pro peek. The intervening week has caused a lot of research into what my alternative is going to be.

On the low end, I might snag a Haswell Mac Mini, if/when that refresh is made, and pick up either one nice 27” display, or a pair of 24” displays, most likely Ultrasharps.

Or, depending on the outlook and the announced specs of the Haswell iMacs, I may end up with a 27” iMac mated with a 27” Thunderbolt display. This could serve double duties; in addition to giving me a solid home machine with plenty of screen real estate, it also gives me a pair of 27” monitors that I can drive from my work Macbook Pro (or future Macbook Air).

The likelihood of the latter is pretty slim; that’s a lot of cash to drop on a desktop, and its a stretch to justify having such a potent machine at home now that it is no longer my primary machine. But I’m not sure the Mini would have enough balls to really handle what I tend to throw at things, then again, I worry at how poorly the iMac will fair at virtualization and video encoding. Speccing the Mini all the way out, which I would do if I took that leap, gets me over $1500, which is deep in 21” iMac territory, and not far enough from 27” iMac ranges. And the added memory capabilities of the 27” are of particular interest, as is the 7200rpm main drive and high powered graphics options.

Then again, I still haven’t ruled out picking up a clearance or refurb last-gen true-Pro before they disappear. Right now I’m in a holding pattern until Haswell reaches everything else.