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Jun 1

Link Chris Foresman: Apple may be hiring engineers to redesign 30-pin dock connector

Apple is currently looking for a new ‘connector design engineer’ to work at its Cupertino headquarters. Why does anyone care? The job postings lend credence to recent rumors that the next iPhone may include a revised, smaller connector to replace the ubiquitous 30-pin dock connector which first made its debut on the third-generation iPod in 2003.

The dock connector has been included on every Apple mobile device since that time, including iPods, iPhones, and iPads. The 30-pin connector originally made it possible to connect iPods to both FireWire-based Macs and USB-based Windows PCs. It can supply a small amount of power to attached accessories, as well as output digital audio and video data. It also facilitates two-way communication between attached accessories like speaker docks, data interfaces, and more.

Not quite, but good effort.

However, recent part leaks have suggested that the next-generation iPhone, commonly referred to as ‘iPhone 5,’ will include a much smaller connector standard. The change is said to save precious internal space inside the device, though it risks making a whole cottage industry of ‘Made for iPhone/iPod’ accessories obsolete overnight.

(Via Ars ∞.)

Just so we’re clear on what Chris is reporting: Apple has posted a job in June, for somebody to design a connector rumored to already be designed, for a phone that is going to be announced and shipped in September/October (3-4 months). Yeah. I’m gonna call bullshit here.

I have no doubt that Apple is designing new connectors, for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and probably for devices we can’t imagine yet. But I don’t think them hiring somebody now provides any indication of plans for a revised connector on the iPhone 5.

Link March 7

For anybody who follows me everywhere and cares and hasn’t read about it already:

Apple’s announcing something on March 7th. All signs point to the iPad 3.

Link Apple announces iBooks 2, iBooks Author to "reinvent textbooks"

So Foresman was right. And Phillip Elmer-Dewitt remains a giant ass-clown.