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Mar 7

AT&T Sucks (again)

AT&T clarifies their data plans

Second, there’s the company’s pricing. AT&T currently only offers two data plans — $20 a month buys you 300MB, while $30 buys you 3GB. There’s no way that works out to a fair market price in either case; either the 3GB is ludicrously discounted or the 300MB is ridiculously inflated.

This is the kind of underhanded bullshit that pisses everybody off. My wife and I could share a 3GB plan and still never come close to using it each month. But we’re forced to buy separate plans, meaning that we, and other users like us, are paying an even bigger premium per KB of bandwidth.

Thus far the only company I can think of that is more evil in this regard is AT&T’s direct competitor Verizon.