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Link Seattle Weekly: Mitt Romney, American Parasite

Why am I not surprised by any of this.

I wouldn’t vote for him if he was running for dog catcher. Are there seriously people out there who think he is the solution?

Link Paul Krugman: Check Out Their Low, Low Taxes

The top 0.1 pays less than the 90th percentile.

Americans are much more likely than citizens of other nations to believe that they live in a meritocracy. But this self-image is a fantasy: as a report in The Times last week pointed out, America actually stands out as the advanced country in which it matters most who your parents were, the country in which those born on one of society’s lower rungs have the least chance of climbing to the top or even to the middle.

Think about it: someone who really wanted equal opportunity would be very concerned about the inequality of our current system. He would support more nutritional aid for low-income mothers-to-be and young children. He would try to improve the quality of public schools. He would support aid to low-income college students. And he would support what every other advanced country has, a universal health care system, so that nobody need worry about untreated illness or crushing medical bills.