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Feb 9

Link OK, joking aside, this is important. Republicans have invented a history in which it has been fiscal irresponsibility all along — and far too many centrists have bought into the premise.


The reality is that we had low debt and no fiscal problem before Reagan; then an unprecedented surge in peacetime, non-depression deficits under Reagan/Bush; then a major improvement under Clinton; then a squandering of the Clinton surplus via tax cuts and unfunded wars of choice under Bush. And yes, a surge in debt once the Great Recession hit, but that’s exactly when you should be running deficits.

The point about the fake history that expunges the Clinton years is that it turns the budget into a story in which nobody is at fault because everyone is at fault, and the problem is a generic issue of runaway spending. No, it isn’t; we would have come into this crisis with very little debt if the GOP hadn’t always insisted on tax cuts.

This is not complicated.

Agreed. Especially with the part about it not being complicated.

Dec 3

Link Paul Krugman: The Full McConnell

This is pathetic – and these people are definitely not serious.

Link Paul Krugman: The iPhone Stimulus

If you think sales of the latest iPhone will help the economy, then you should support the government stepping in and doing more, too.


Jun 3

Link Paul Krugman: 1937

Doing it all over again.

Link Paul Krugman: Where The Productivity Went

It’s two-thirds the inequality, stupid.

Link Paul Krugman: It's Always Time For Austerity

Whatever the news may be.

Link Hurray for Health Reform

Despite some imperfections, the Affordable Care Act would do a lot of good and must be defended.

Link Paul Krugman: The Collapse of Employment-Based Coverage

A system coming apart at the seams.

But our corporate benefactors will be there to save us right?

Mar 6

Link Paul Krugman: Equality of Opportunity? Never Mind

If you can’t afford college, tough luck.

Link Pain Without Gain - Krugman (again)

Now the results are in — and they’re exactly what three generations’ worth of economic analysis and all the lessons of history should have told you would happen. The confidence fairy has failed to show up: none of the countries slashing spending have seen the predicted private-sector surge. Instead, the depressing effects of fiscal austerity have been reinforced by falling private spending.