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Another Follow Up of the Day: The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) has sided with the MPAA in its decision to reject The Weinstein Company’s request to lower the rating of the film studio’s bullying documentary from an R to a PG-13 so it could be used as an educational aid.

Bully received an R rating from the MPAA for “some language.”

If The Weinstein Company makes good on its threat to set aside the rating system, NATO’s President and CEO John Fithian said in a statement, “I will have no choice but to encourage my theater owner members to treat unrated movies from The Weinstein Company in the same manner as they treat unrated movies from anyone else.”

The would mean branding Bully an NC-17 movie, prohibiting anyone under the age of 18 from viewing it.

Responding with its own statement, The Weinstein Company called the treatment of Bully as an NC-17 film “unconscionable, not to mention unreasonable.”

The statement continued: “In light of the tragedy that occurred yesterday in Ohio, we feel now is the time for the bullying epidemic to take center stage, we need to demand our community takes action.”

A petition posted to by a teenage victim of bullying calling for the MPAA to reverse its decision has racked up over 100,000 signatures since it was launched a three days ago.


This does not have NEAR ENOUGH notes. I cried within the first 10 seconds of watching this trailer. And then continued to bawl like a baby for the rest of it. Kudos to the Weinstein Company for taking a stand on this.

The MPAA is, once again, on the wrong side of every issue. I just put on a hat so I could take it off for the Weinstein Company.

Link Right vs Pragmatic

Insightful analysis by Marco.

My feelings are well known.

Link Suicide by stupid: The Oatmeal hammers the video industry...

Sad [and humorous] though this is, I don’t find this hyperbolic at all.

Its one more example of how the movie / television industry is killing itself.

How much longer will these retarded ass-monkies be able to run their ship into the ground before they run out of money to fuel it?


I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened.

And I’m done following Welch…

I had to give up AngryMacBastards because the ranting was funny at first, but just got sad and annoying, and now this is the last straw in following his screeds.

Matt makes the point, not a new one mind you, that piracy is the fault of the content producers, plain and simple, albeit in a colorful way even John can appreciate.

There is a plethora of reasons Matt is right. Whether you agree with the “justifications”, as John terms them, or not, is irrelevant. Matt makes the points, you can go read them at his site, I’m not going to remake them here, save to say that the solution to piracy isn’t legislation, or lawsuits, or new DRM. Its making the process affordable, and simple.

The music industry has, grudgingly, gotten mostly onboard with the digital age. At least insofar as I give a shit; iTunes works, its cheap, and the iCloud stuff has finally alleviated my fears of a catastrophic loss of data causing me to lose my reasonably expensive music library.

The movie industry has only gotten worse. How do I know? I own more than my share of content, though at times I wish I did not.1


I finally lost what little respect I had left for John. His will be yet another ranting voice on the inter webs, much like my own here.


Jim, and The Beard, agrees with Matt as well.

1The best part about those Blu-Rays (speaking here about the Jurassic Park Trilogy AND the LoTR:EE trilogy)? They included digital copies. Wait, what’s that? I paid for a Hi-Def copy, but the digital copy is only standard def? Fuck. Them.

Link "...because doing it right totally sucks."

Matt Drance

Hollywood continues to completely ignore that lesson. It continues to punish the people who play by the rules with an insufferable customer experience. This is the sole reason piracy is up and profits are down: because doing it right totally sucks. And that’s apparently how the studios want it.

Emphasis mine. Having finally broken out my Jurassic Park Blu-rays this weekend, I could not agree more. Great movies wrapped in a terrible experience. BR and HD-DVD promised to fix many of the problems DVDs suffered from, but instead have only added to them. Makes me wonder if that part would at least be different had HD-DVD won.

Via The Loop.