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So I finished reading Freedom™ early this morning. Its the sequel to The Daemon, both written by Daniel Suarez. More info about the author and both books can be found here

Once I hit a tipping point just over halfway through the book, I couldn’t put it down. Stopping wasn’t an option and I didn’t have any early commitments today. The writing was fast-paced and engaging. After the build-up in the first book, Suarez was able to dispense with all character-building nonsense and focus solely upon kicking the narrative into high gear. At one point, one character is torturing another and I seriously almost had to stop reading; the imagery painted a picture in my head so vivid I was becoming physically revolted at the thought. They are written in a modern vernacular, so I’m sure literature snobs wouldn’t agree, but they are some of the best written books I’ve read recently (right up there with the Harry Potter series).

For a geek, they read like some kind of wet dream. Barely a page goes by without describing some action or gadget or widget that any self respecting technologist would love to have.

I don’t want to get into the story and plot lines, other than to say that its like Terminator, except instead of the AI enslaving humanity, its goal is to genuinely save humanity and build a better world; a world where reputation and hard work actually matter in ways they really don’t any more. The road is bloody, largely due to the Powers That Be wanting to do everything they can to maintain the status quo.

It is going to take me a lot more reflection to form coherence around my thoughts about the plot, what it represents and, honestly, if I believe such a change could ever be made possible.