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Mar 5

Link The Tabs Are Too Damn Wide

Agreed, and I’m using 5.2 full time as well. I still want the return of the unified tab/title bar. Chrome has proven it can work, though their take on it is every so slightly different / better than Safari’s was. Pinned tabs is an awesome feature I’d love to see migrate as well. I didn’t even know it existed in Chrome until I read MG’s thoughts.

I can’t bring myself to switch to Chrome; there’s just something about the full color chrome at the top, combined with the fact that it just feels too big relative to Safari (its really not, only by a pixel or three).

I’m all about minimizing the UI of a web browser, and letting the focus be on the content. Both Chrome and Safari make strides there, but Safari still wins as my everyday browser.


John Gruber filed the following Safari “bug” report:

Summary: In previous versions of Safari, there was a relatively narrow maximum width for tabs. This max width would come into play in windows with few tabs (1, 2, maybe 3). In Safari 5.2, tabs consume the full width of the window, even if there are only one or two tabs. I find that this is aesthetically unpleasing, and would like to see the old tab bar return.

I agree completely. The new Safari (5.2, still in beta) is very, very good. By far the best version of Safari yet — to the point where, yes, I’m actually using it instead of Chrome. But the tabs are ridiculous.

The same problem exists in Safari for the iPad.

Safari 5.2 now has an “omnibox” a URL box from which you can search as well. Now they need to borrow the pinned tabs idea as well. 

Nov 4

IE for Mac…

I came to the Mac party late enough that I missed most of the IE for Mac nonsense. By the time I arrived (shortly after Tiger was released), Safari was on the rise as a real contender.

And I want to make very clear, that it would take something fairly revolutionary to get me to switch *away* from Safari on Macs. 

All that said, here’s a question: does the IE team seriously see no value in porting IE to OS X again?  We have Safari for Windows (however much of an aberration that seems), and the other major players (and even most all the minor ones), are cross platform.  I could see many, especially recent switchers, or people who flip between platforms (home/work for example) having an interest in using IE, especially more recent versions that have much better compatibility and capability.

Just occurred to me while looking at TPM’s browser usage stats.