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Link Windows Phone 7 Apps

A great read, especially from the outside-looking-in perspective on WP7.

The thing I love most when looking through those apps is the consistency, yet each of the apps retains some form of unique identity. With iOS apps, it seems that each app has a very distinct identity, but the consistency is hit or miss.

Each of those apps looks like to does a great job of leveraging the most powerful features of the UI like Pivots and common button sets (that can be adjusted to fit the color palette of the app), and the great fonts and standard headings / text sizes the phone has. It really looks like a fantastic experience.

I really hope somebody is listening when I say that somebody should be there when RIM falls. I would love to see a Bold-9900-esque device, running Windows Phone 7 or some variant of it, and pending a few essential apps appear, I would probably switch. The touch interface is a way, but its not the only way. And for some people’s preferences, its not the best way. Apple is never going to make an iPhone with a physical keyboard. And at the rate things are going, RIM isn’t going to be around long enough to deliver a BB-formfactor device running a modern mobile OS. You’re not going to see iPhone-like demands, but thinking that you will is unreasonable. The market DOES exist. Just please don’t let Android be the solution…

Link Not even considering Android or Windows Phone devices

I’m not sure that’s a very fair assessment of Windows Phone 7, but the quoted piece is very fitting for me and my trend over the past few years. Having been the tweaker, the fixer, the hacker, and the tinkerer, I am very much over all of it, at least in terms of what I do at home. I rely so much on my computers to DO things at this point, that doing things TO my home machines, be it replacing a fan, hard drive, or stick of RAM, upgrading firmware or BIOS, etc., has become a task I loathe rather than relish. I switched to an iPhone to escape the similar lunacy that was caused by my Blackberry.

After dealing with tech all day as part of my job, the last thing I want to do is come home and do more “work”. I rather enjoy getting to enjoy technology, rather than wastingspending time making it work.


This is what a smartphone consumer wants. If that’s also what you want, don’t even consider Android or Windows phone devices.

Matt Alexander, owner and editor of ONE37:

My life has just been made easier. There’s that much less in my digital life for me to be considerate of. No longer must I verse myself with codecs and conversion techniques in order to enjoy my media, or with firmware hacks and overclocking to get the best features and performance out of my hardware. My technology just works, and it does so in the background. I enjoy applications that help me work and live, and I no longer have to focus on the underlying mechanics that facilitate that.