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2014 Reading List…(Update 3)

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Some minor updates…

Unfortunately, I still have all these left to go, and the list grows…

Honestly I still have a few pages of Drift yet to read; that book made me so angry reading it that I had to do it in short bursts. Rachel brings to light the darker side of the last 40 years, and while hindsight may be 20/20, its somewhat terrifying how blind people were back in then, and really puts things today into perspective. Everything from 9/11, both Middle East wars, the housing collapse, etc. can all be traced back to dumb, greedy, or shortsighted mistakes made by those in power in the 1980s.

Obviously I haven’t read much in the past two months…I was working on Drift in what time I was able to find, then over vacation I burned through Tough Shit. I’m a big fan of Kevin Smith, originally for his films, but later for his [touring][] [talks][] His book didn’t disappoint; it was a funny, entertaining read, mostly autobiographical, but the guy has led an interesting life, to me anyway. It was never dry, and his use of excessively crude humor and often startling honesty definitely keeps you guessing at what you’ll find on the next page.

I started Never Go Back on a whim last week. Like most Lee Child books, it was a slow burn at first, and it was a steady build throughout. By the end, it developed into a page turner that I ended up binging on for close to 3.5 hours last night, staying up far past my bed time and making coffee an extra necessary ingredient in my morning routine today. And honestly, the ending was quite disappointing for me. So boo for that.

Next up, I have Deadly Heat laying on my desk, and it should be pretty quick to slug through.

2014 Reading List… (update 2)

I finished Moral Dictata last week, it was a great conclusion to Karen’s trilogy surrounding those characters. I’m looking forward to whatever Halo book comes next!

I think I’m actually going to get Drift this time.

2014 Reading List…(update 1)

Finished Inferno today. Behind schedule, but damn was it ever a good read. At least a couple of times after twists I had to go back and re-read certain chapters just to make sure I wasn’t going insane. Dan Brown’s ability to misdirect your attention is amazing.

Next up: Drift - Rachel Maddow

2014 Reading List…

So 2013 was supposed to be the year I read more. What it ended up being was the year that I queued up a lot of books, but never got around to reading them. So i’m going to make an effort this year to at least catch up on everything I intended to read, but haven’t yet. The current (insane) list is (in no particular order):

Right now that’s less than a book a week, which if I can put down Call of Duty should be attainable. Despite being exhausted I burned through 40 pages of Inferno last night and another 60 so far today. I doubt I’ll be able to move that fast through some of those books, but as it stands, that’s my list.

Jul 8

Link 25 Awesome DIY ideas for Bookshelves

Via The Loop

Deemed cool enough to share.

Link Home Libraries...

My wife and I dream of building a house that includes a den/library lined with bookshelves one day. Seeing this kind of stuff only reconfirms that.

Also, the giant shelving unit in my garage loaded down with boxes upon boxes of books we no longer have shelf room for :-\