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Even if Apple’s growth soon slows, Apple already reaps a massive share of the industry’s profits. And if Apple’s growth doesn’t slow in the next year or two, look out. All of Apple’s competitors in the phone industry, save Samsung, are now starving for profit. They’re dying, all of them — HTC is breaking even and the rest are deep in the red.

The iPad is growing faster than the iPhone. The Mac already owns the $999-and-over market (where the margins are), and the iPad owns the tablet market (where the growth is). The PC market is quickly heading to where the phone market already is.

Microsoft Surface is not fundamentally about Microsoft needing to control the entire integrated product in order to compete with the iPad on design. It’s about Microsoft needing to sell the whole thing

This is Gruber at his best.

Surface == Enterprise Tablet


Justin Watt:

Enterprise employees can be inspiring, but that depends on said enterprise that they work for. A place that fosters creativity, thinking outside the box, and new ideas leads to happy workers who are open to change if it means making their day to day routine more enjoyable. Let’s just say that having 30,000+ workers doesn’t make for an accommodating work environment for new ideas and embracing change. Integrating iOS and thinking of mobile development in parallel with desktop software development for this many users isn’t an easy or quick task and for that reason the Surface may succeed very well in the enterprise. It’s more of the same. Buried underneath that beautiful Metro interface is Windows. Pure Windows able to run that software developed in 1992, not needing Citrix remote desktop apps, and not needing 100’s of new apps bought to open Office documents that don’t format or display properly on iOS.

Makes a lot of sense. He’s arguing that Surface is about cutting off the iPad’s still-small but quickly-growing slice of the enterprise market, not a full-on assault of the iPad’s in the consumer market.

Isn’t that exactly how RIM postured the Playbook? Doesn’t this whole thing seem like Déjà vu?

Unskippable bullshit

John Gruber:

So to encourage people not to engage in piracy, they’re going to force everyone to watch yet another annoying, time-wasting, gratification-delaying warning screen that can only be avoided by engaging in piracy. They’re purposefully making the movie-playing experience worse for honest paying customers.

Here’s the thing the industry doesn’t seem to get about piracy: Being “free” is among the least of its advantages over the current media offerings. Not having to put up with dumbass warnings, previews, hideous menu systems, etc., are all advantages that trump even the low low price of $Free.

Anybody want to take bets on which will die first: traditional media distribution or cable tv?

Mar 6

Wait. Stop. No really. Trackpads on PCs are bad?

The Verge on the Dell XPS 13

I always chuckle when I see a Windows user drag a mouse out of their laptop bag, or hear somebody go on about how they love their Thinkpad because of the TrackPoint.

Apple’s trackpad got so good they started making a bluetooth version for desktops. PC engineers are STILL struggling with the basics, yet they try to copy the details.

I kept my old Logitech MX Revolution on my desk from August 2010 when I got my Magic Trackpad until the end of June when we moved. Once it got boxed up for the trip, it stayed boxed up. I only recently found the wireless adapter for it.

Mar 6

Link Liveblogging The Letdown


John Gruber on the anticipated letdown reaction from some following tomorrow’s new iPad announcements:

But if a faster processor, more RAM, a double-the-resolution retina display, a better camera, and maybe even LTE networking make for a “modest” update, then what would it take for the iPad 3 to be deemed an immodest update? A fusion energy source? Teleportation? A camera that sees into the future?

Nothing has actually been announced yet and it’s already starting. I’ve actually heard this letdown sentiment several times today. Again, from people who haven’t actually seen the product yet and actually don’t even know for sure what’s coming.

I mean seriously, if all of the rumored new features are true, this is going to be a major upgrade. And the actual sales figures will reflect that, even if some of the stories tomorrow don’t. 

Many folks seem oddly tied to form factor when it comes to upgrades. The iPhone 4S was a “disappointment” to some because it looked like the iPhone 4. I suspect the new iPad will get the some of the same reaction since it will look like the previous iPad.

My prediction: those left underwhelmed will have one thing in common. They’ll be idiots

Also, the AP story Gruber links to happens to have the most dickishly intrusive ads ever. 

Apple’s hype machine and trove of secrets always seems to work against them in the tech press, but the general public seems to not give a single damn. I just wish the clamoring for ad revenue wasn’t such that every idiot with an AdWords page wants to write something about how shitty the [NextBigAppleProduct] is going to be. Its not going to be everything to everybody. And guess what? **That’s OK**.

Mar 5

Link The Tabs Are Too Damn Wide

Agreed, and I’m using 5.2 full time as well. I still want the return of the unified tab/title bar. Chrome has proven it can work, though their take on it is every so slightly different / better than Safari’s was. Pinned tabs is an awesome feature I’d love to see migrate as well. I didn’t even know it existed in Chrome until I read MG’s thoughts.

I can’t bring myself to switch to Chrome; there’s just something about the full color chrome at the top, combined with the fact that it just feels too big relative to Safari (its really not, only by a pixel or three).

I’m all about minimizing the UI of a web browser, and letting the focus be on the content. Both Chrome and Safari make strides there, but Safari still wins as my everyday browser.


John Gruber filed the following Safari “bug” report:

Summary: In previous versions of Safari, there was a relatively narrow maximum width for tabs. This max width would come into play in windows with few tabs (1, 2, maybe 3). In Safari 5.2, tabs consume the full width of the window, even if there are only one or two tabs. I find that this is aesthetically unpleasing, and would like to see the old tab bar return.

I agree completely. The new Safari (5.2, still in beta) is very, very good. By far the best version of Safari yet — to the point where, yes, I’m actually using it instead of Chrome. But the tabs are ridiculous.

The same problem exists in Safari for the iPad.

Safari 5.2 now has an “omnibox” a URL box from which you can search as well. Now they need to borrow the pinned tabs idea as well. 

Mar 5


However, as a dispassionate observer with experience of past such glorious valuations, I will tell you: If I were an Apple shareholder I’d want a cash dividend.


If you are an Apple shareholder (and like Gruber, I am not), you want them to keep doing the same shit they’ve been doing for 10 years now. Why in the hell would you want them to change the game they are playing?

So you can rob them of one of the most insane safety nets in the history of capitalism for a relatively tiny payout per investor?

Part of me does take issue with the fact that Apple is “sitting” on such a large amount of cash when they could be investing and or innovating in other areas and further stimulating our economy. But the other (larger) side wants to let them do whatever the hell they want because thus far the results have simply been astounding. And I’m just a bystander here.

Link Ubuntu for Android

Is it bad that the idea of a pure Ubuntu-based phone (cutting out the Google and Android portions) is intriguing at this point? Or an Ubuntu-based tablet? The docking thing I’m not keen on, but I won’t deny its novelty and appeal.

Sometimes we want files…

John Gruber on iCloud vs Dropbox

Perhaps not a bad definition of a post-PC device: one with no user-visible file system. Dropbox is very much a PC technology, conceptually, because it is all about the file system. That’s why we nerds love Dropbox on our post-PC devices — it gives us some PC-like control. Sometimes we want files.

Yes John, and sometimes we need files. Even in the post-PC world, there will still be PCs and Macs. The IT geeks (like me) will have them, but the administrative assistants might not. I know you know that already, but I felt it was worth pointing out.

He’s talking about this. Nobody mentions the fact that apps like Justin’s Elements prove that Dropbox can provide the same experience, and do so across platforms, which is still a requirement for some. Bottom line: Dropbox offers more flexibility for geeks, which was Gruber’s point, but that doesn’t preclude it from being made dead-simple to use as well.

Just yesterday I used a shared Dropbox folder to sync YummySoup! recipes between my wife’s computer and mine. Once they add iCloud support, I probably won’t need that feature. But the developer could just as readily added Dropbox support himself, before iCloud became a thing.

Nov 4

IE for Mac…

I came to the Mac party late enough that I missed most of the IE for Mac nonsense. By the time I arrived (shortly after Tiger was released), Safari was on the rise as a real contender.

And I want to make very clear, that it would take something fairly revolutionary to get me to switch *away* from Safari on Macs. 

All that said, here’s a question: does the IE team seriously see no value in porting IE to OS X again?  We have Safari for Windows (however much of an aberration that seems), and the other major players (and even most all the minor ones), are cross platform.  I could see many, especially recent switchers, or people who flip between platforms (home/work for example) having an interest in using IE, especially more recent versions that have much better compatibility and capability.

Just occurred to me while looking at TPM’s browser usage stats.