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Lessons from my home state of Indiana, along with Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, can breathe new life into the national Republican Party. The stories of the governors, mayors, state office holders and others who have cut taxes and balanced budgets are worth knowing and emulating in part because they have done what Washington has been incapable of doing.

Pete Seat, Republican revival: What the states can teach the national party (via msnbc)

Yeah, and all they had to do in Indiana was gut k-12 education, higher-ed, highway funding, bridge repair, emergency services…etc. You know, all the unimportant stuff. Oh, and loose half a billion dollars (that we know about). Sorry, misplace half a billion dollars (so far).

Here’s the thing: at the end of the day, I’d rather have higher taxes and something to show for it than a fundamentally broken state with a balanced fucking budget. And I don’t think I’m alone in that regard. By far.

Mar 5

Wealth Inequality in America (by politizane)

Holy Shit.

Link Doug Masson on Tim Durham's Douchebaggery

It’s in the course of selecting a trial that the potential juror said, “He took money from people’s pensions and spent it on fun things.”

And yet its the government’s fault the economy is in the shitter. And regardless, there is nothing that can be done to set it right. He could liquidate everything he owns and only pay back a fraction of what he practically stole. If he’s found guilty and sent to prison, we get to keep paying for the greedy fuck to keep living, albeit at a much more modest scale. And through it all, those pensions will still be broke, the companies he screwed either bankrupt or financially handicapped.

Eventually the talented children of the poor no longer ascend to positions of power and prestige while the mediocre sons of the wealthy stop falling back to the bottom of the social pyramid.

Basically we’ve allowed the creation of a new breed of royalty, term-limited only by the size of their bankroll. They can buy anything they want, including laws.

Link The GOP's Plan(s) to sink the economy

Its just like tech journalists who will short a stock (or advise others to do so) before they write an article about something surely to remove value from the stock of a company.

The more the GOP talks about a bad economy, the longer it will STAY a bad economy, because keeping people scared stops them from spending. You’re not going to go and buy a new car or washing machine today if you’re afraid you won’t be able to afford milk next month.

I spent a total of 20 minutes watching Fox talk about this bullshit today while in the dentist’s office. Mixed with my usual anxiety about that particular trip, it was enough to almost make me throw up.

Feb 8

Link Paul Krugman: Jobs and Values

Couldn’t agreed with this more.

It’s the economic prospects, stupid.