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Spell check humor

Spell check humor

Sep 6

Link · Fingerprints

Corporate security

Most corporate networks are protected by VPN. The profiles that enable this network configuration often specify that a user must use a passcode lock. And it’s rarely a simple passcode. And it kicks in immediately.

Imagine needing to type in a eight character password with letters and numerals just to check the current weather. That’s a reality for millions of people who use their device for both personal and business tasks.

A fingerprint scanner that avoids this complex password will sell a lot of devices.

Count me as one of these users. I would pay more than the going price for an iPhone to never have to type a passcode again.

Jun 7

Initial iPhone 5 thoughts…


  • Bigger screen is nice, but superfluous
  • Vibrate motor is noticeably better
  • Home and Lock buttons are noticeably clicky-er
  • Speed bump is nice, but areas I were hoping to be faster aren’t (perceptively at least) ** Launching Drafts, Agenda, and 1Password still takes longer than I wish (really picking nits though)
  • battery life - I’m working on 15 hours for this charge. Damn.

Random thoughts

1) I just ordered my iPhone 5. My wife’s blackberry problems are causing her headaches, so we are using my upgrade now (rather than me waiting on the iPhone {next} to upgrade) and she’s getting my 4S until her upgrade early next year. How that cycle will play out and who will get the new hotness is up for debate :)

2) I received my trial account expiration notice from Azure today, from a tech talk I attended this winter for IaaS. I have said it before (but I’m too lazy to troll my own archive for a link) that the dumbest thing Microsoft does is badge everything with Windows, and Azure is no exception. Something with as tainted a reputation as Windows would have been dropped by any other company years ago. Everything they make and label with Windows, regardless of how cool it may be, loses a little luster because of that banner they proudly fly. To me, it’s a subliminal admission that Microsoft (or at least key players in their marketing group) believes none of their products are able to stand on their own, and therefore must have an existing “brand” chained to it, much like Samsung’s Galaxy line.

Yet, as I have again mentioned here before, one department seemingly immune to this affliction is the Xbox group, who seems to have a staggering amount of autonomy when compared to other groups.

They could release a revolutionary 60-inch 4K TV for $99 with built-in nanobots to assemble and dispense free smartwatches, and people would complain that it should cost $49 and the nanobots aren’t open enough.

Marco Arment, correctly calling out the current pessimism surrounding Apple in the press (and on Wall Street) while also arguing for an “iPhone 6” moniker for the next iPhone — or really anything but the “iPhone 5S”. (via parislemon)

My vote goes (again) to just “iPhone”. Drop the counter all together.

And here I was thinking I was using Facebook’s Camera• app. Apparently I have been using Snap this whole time.

And here I was thinking I was using Facebook’s Camera• app. Apparently I have been using Snap this whole time.

Another nice touch

The new Podcasts app has support for 1.5x and 3x playback speeds.

Link iOS 6 Audio Playback Buttons

Dave Caolo:

I noticed two nice changes to some audio playback buttons in iOS 6. First, if you’re listening to a podcast or an audio book and the display goes to sleep, double-tap the Home button to bring up basic audio controls right on the lock screen. That’s not new, but what is new are the buttons that let you jump ahead or back 15 seconds at a time.

I noticed this as well. I’m curious if this is something we will see as an API feature in the future; the ability to control the behavior of the previous/next buttons. I still wish we would see more separation between the buttons, but this is at least a step in the right direction. at least now an errant tap will only send me 15 seconds in either direction, rather than restarting or skipping a podcast entirely.

Link Lightning details

Rainer Brockerhoff does a nice analysis of Lightning and makes a plausible series of assumptions as to why it remains USB2, for now at least.