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Joining the Tumblr iOS Team



I’m happy to announce that in roughly two weeks, I’ll be joining bryan, mb, and devindoty in building Tumblr for iOS.



Spell check humor

Spell check humor

Oct 1

Link Sean Woodhouse: Lifting the lid on the iOS 7 UIPicker - Itty Bitty Labs

This is one of my biggest peeves with iOS 7, but not one that has bugged me to the point of remembering to bitch about it. Practically the only place I use a Picker on a regular basis is in Calendar, but holy hell is it ever annoying to fight with in that context.

Sean’s probably right, in that it won’t be changing anytime soon, but I do hope a point release at some point will at least change the hitboxes for the scrolling tumblers.

Stephen Hackett: The Past 100 Days

This is just fucking creepy. Cool, but creepy.

Not that it should overshadow the point Stephen makes, which is that Apple’s development groups aren’t the only ones who has been busting their asses to make iOS 7 a substantial platform change. Almost every significant application from every significant player (and even a plethora of insignificant ones) have already jumped into the new design language with both feet and had apps available on day one that seamlessly (in some cases shamelessly) integrated into the new experience.

Link Death to textures: iOS 6 and iOS 7 compared in pictures | Ars Technica

A great visual breakdown of some of the changes.

For example, you no longer have to burrow into infinitely nested Settings screens to adjust your control panels. Now you can just speak what you want, using Siri: “Open Wi-Fi settings,” for example, or “Open brightness settings.

Pogue on iOS 7 (via daringfireball

Damn, how did I miss that in all the beta testing?!

Link Use Find My Friends To Help Your Mom Worry Less

My mom is the same way, but this serves another use for me: telling my wife when i leave work. Due to our disparate schedules, we like to let the other know when we’re leaving our respective offices. That iOS lets me automate this, and set a geofence surrounding the entire town, so she doesn’t get a notification whenever I leave work to go to lunch, saves me just a little time each day and keeps me from forgetting to do it. That’s a touch that’ll be hard to let go of if it ever changes or is removed.

Jun 5

Initial iPhone 5 thoughts…

  • Bigger screen is nice, but superfluous
  • Vibrate motor is noticeably better
  • Home and Lock buttons are noticeably clicky-er
  • Speed bump is nice, but areas I were hoping to be faster aren’t (perceptively at least) ** Launching Drafts, Agenda, and 1Password still takes longer than I wish (really picking nits though)


On one hand, I no longer have the annoyance of not being able to click the “update all” button.

On the other, McTube has disappeared from the US AppStore (at least, probably the entire AppStore).


This post brought to you by the assholes at YouTube

The most recent update to McTube removes the ability to cache videos.

Apple & YouTube executives/lawyers seem to forget that the blanket of wireless internet that covers Silicon Valley and mountain view doesn’t extend over the entire globe, and 4G data plans are capped and expensive.