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Count the number of interfaces you see that look like they were pulled straight from Windows 95 instead of being updated and optimized for a touch interface…

Link Jason Snell: iTunes needs an overhaul

In Mountain Lion we’ve seen iCal become Calendar, the introduction of a Notes application, etc. Why not carve the behemoth that iTunes has become up into small, fast, task-specific pieces that could be integrated to work well together without being a single bloated mess?

iOS has Music, Video, iTunes, and the App Store, all separate, all great at their dedicated purposes. Why couldn’t a similar approach work for OS X?

Link Eek! Data Consumption costs moneys?!

In a stunning display of headline exploitation and playing upon the ignorance of the masses, the Wall Street Journal lobs a sure-to-grab-attention headline on top of a bullshit user profile.

That said, it does speak volumes about how, in this era of high-def content and streaming video, any per-unit costs of data consumption are going to be have to be measured in gigabytes, and priced much more reasonably than the current rates. $10/GB for overage is ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as AT&T’s already inflated pricing scheme

If I could pay a service fee for data, say $10/month per device, then buy throughput in GB Chunks, say $3-5/GB, pooled across all my devices, AT&T would get their fair share (they are at least going to get $13-15/month for a gig of data), they get to charge heavy users more, but it comes off as an actual business model instead of the customer rape so many of their other polices appear to be.

Link Home Libraries...

My wife and I dream of building a house that includes a den/library lined with bookshelves one day. Seeing this kind of stuff only reconfirms that.

Also, the giant shelving unit in my garage loaded down with boxes upon boxes of books we no longer have shelf room for :-\

Link "...because doing it right totally sucks."

Matt Drance

Hollywood continues to completely ignore that lesson. It continues to punish the people who play by the rules with an insufferable customer experience. This is the sole reason piracy is up and profits are down: because doing it right totally sucks. And that’s apparently how the studios want it.

Emphasis mine. Having finally broken out my Jurassic Park Blu-rays this weekend, I could not agree more. Great movies wrapped in a terrible experience. BR and HD-DVD promised to fix many of the problems DVDs suffered from, but instead have only added to them. Makes me wonder if that part would at least be different had HD-DVD won.

Via The Loop.

Jan 3

Link RIM Cuts Playbook price

Jim Dalrymple

It doesn’t matter how much it costs, the PlayBook still doesn’t do anything.

So here’s my question: If they’re “In Stock”, why does it take 7-14 Business Days to ship? Is that some kind of marketing ploy to create the appearance of demand?

Link Not even considering Android or Windows Phone devices

I’m not sure that’s a very fair assessment of Windows Phone 7, but the quoted piece is very fitting for me and my trend over the past few years. Having been the tweaker, the fixer, the hacker, and the tinkerer, I am very much over all of it, at least in terms of what I do at home. I rely so much on my computers to DO things at this point, that doing things TO my home machines, be it replacing a fan, hard drive, or stick of RAM, upgrading firmware or BIOS, etc., has become a task I loathe rather than relish. I switched to an iPhone to escape the similar lunacy that was caused by my Blackberry.

After dealing with tech all day as part of my job, the last thing I want to do is come home and do more “work”. I rather enjoy getting to enjoy technology, rather than wastingspending time making it work.


This is what a smartphone consumer wants. If that’s also what you want, don’t even consider Android or Windows phone devices.

Matt Alexander, owner and editor of ONE37:

My life has just been made easier. There’s that much less in my digital life for me to be considerate of. No longer must I verse myself with codecs and conversion techniques in order to enjoy my media, or with firmware hacks and overclocking to get the best features and performance out of my hardware. My technology just works, and it does so in the background. I enjoy applications that help me work and live, and I no longer have to focus on the underlying mechanics that facilitate that.

Link Once again, I am floored

SkyDrive for iOS. Just like the XBL and Kinectimals apps, it feels like it just came flying out of left field.

It sucks that it took Microsoft so long to get on board, and lets be honest: I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s surprised they even found the boat. Especially given Ballmer’s railings against the iPad and his stress on Windows 8 as being something that’s going to regain the Windows dominance in the market. But I’m certainly glad somebody at Microsoft is interested in doing cool and useful stuff, rather than just owning the market share pie chart.